RJA Consulting were engaged to support an Independent Direct Sales business with assisting them in achieving their recruitment numbers, as the In-house Recruiters were not achieving their targeted numbers.

Our unique, tailored approach to each campaign made it easy to integrate our services to act in true partnership as an extension of this company’s internal team. Through taking time to understand their business, we aligned our activities to achieve their plans.

Acting as excellent brand ambassadors, we provided honest transparent data informed feedback across all areas of our work to support this organisation.

Person in White Long Sleeve Shirt Holding a Clipboard with Resume

The problem

Mydentist wanted to raise the talent bar across operational Practice Manager roles in the business nationwide.

“We had struggled to attract quality talent and needed support on diagnosing the specific blockers, a partner who could support us in targeting the best talent and working with us to assess and onboard successfully at a time when the talent landscape was more competitive than ever.”

The solution