Talent Pipelining

Gain a competitive Advantage

An extension of talent mapping which allows us to take the talent pool of people we have identified and assess them against your requirements.  We work discretely to engage with talent on your behalf and create a pipeline ready to fill an opening.

The benefits of this are clear for areas in your business where there is high turnover rates, there are succession risks, or simply where through workforce planning you know you will need to make new hires over the next 12 to 24 months.

Creating a talent pipeline takes time, for in-demand and highly sought-after skills just advertising and collecting applications isn’t enough to get the best in class talent.  A more comprehensive strategy is needed to fill their talent pipeline.

Man Gets the Job

How we can support you

By understanding the skills that you are looking for and your organisation’s culture we are able to connect with relevant people and with relevant people engaged you will never have to start a search from scratch, ultimately your time to hire and cost will be reduced.

By working in partnership with our clients over longer periods we take the time to find the best talent for their hiring needs, not just active candidates available in the moment, which can be a pitfall of reactive recruitment. 

Having more time to identify relevant people, allows us to capture a more diverse candidate pool, which will also improve diversity.  Talent pipelining allows us to nurture exceptional candidates that aren’t ready to move, so that when they are ready for their next career step we will make you aware of them, providing you competitive advantage.

Having effective client partnerships enables us to champion their brand, every time we speak with someone we can positively impact the perception of their organisation in the market.  We also take a personalised approach to communicating with candidates, so that we get a high response rate.  The result is a richer talent pipeline for our clients.