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Local Talent Matters

When investing in change, such as relocation, building a new operations or site, or even changing working conditions, understanding the local labour market is a critical factor in decision making.

When our clients have considered relocating part of their operation, or building a new site, decision makers have wanted to understand if the skills they need exist in that area and will this new location have talent available nearby?  

Needless to say, that when organisations are investing in change which they feel will benefit them, the positive impact of this change will depend on whether the right talent is available for them to connect with when they need them.  

Most employees will come from the local labour market, so it is critical for anyone considering relocating, opening a new office or operations site, to study  where the qualified candidates are before they make their decision. 

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How we can support you

Combining official National Statistics with detailed research into whether the skills you will need to recruit in a region, will give you confidence when making decisions about new locations.  

We provide comparisons of different regions, allowing you to understand the demographics of a region along with what other business occupy that area.  With our ability to connect with other decision makers, or local talent in the area, we are able to gain insight into the recruitment challenges and opportunities in specific regions.  

We can also connect with the talent you are seeking to understand what would motivate them to move and how we can engage with them concerning career opportunities.  The level of data we gather will depend on where you are in your process, we can support you along each step.