Project RPO

Agile Outsourcing

Our “mini RPO” solution bridges the gap between the traditional RPO and agency solutions.

This solution is a cost effective way to support in-house team when they need more capacity due to peak hiring times, for specific projects, perhaps there is a short term gap in headcount.

For some clients having an extra pair of hands in the short-term might what they need to deliver a high quality service to internal stakeholders and achiever their targets. Even to avoid burn-out across the team.

Using contingency agencies is costly and doesn’t always guarantee consistent results, whereas traditional global RPOs may not be able to respond to in-house teams’ short term needs in an agile way.

Without compromising on quality, this is an alternative way to deliver your objectives.

Recruiter Looking at a Document

How we can support you

We recognise that our clients are all unique, so we offer a flexible service to suit their needs. We mirror their in-house teams and are able to take responsibility for recruitment campaigns from briefing to onboarding. Sometimes we are only needed for sourcing and pipelining candidates for in-house teams and they continue to manage the rest of the process. We aim to respond to individual needs that fits the client end objective.

Our clients have utilised our services for high volume entry roles, for hiring middle management roles, at times for confidential roles and also for executive hires. The costing model is transparent, and the service is easily turned on and off to allow clients to manage their budgets and workload with precision.