Salary & Benefits Benchmarking

Making sure Talent chooses you 

Stay competitive and make informed decisions about your remuneration and Employee Value Proposition to attract and retain the best talent. Make sure Talent chooses you at every level across every region.

In the past, defending salary increases has been one of the principal uses of this service by HR and recruitment specialists.  Now our clients are asking us what the market is doing currently for roles at all levels, not just for executive appointments. Our clients are looking to be robust, making informed decisions about their entire remuneration and EVP packages in order to attract and retain the most talented.  Benchmarking helps ensure that they remain competitive.

Using a wide range of salaries being advertised online for different roles or ad-hoc recruitment data is not sufficiently robust.  These sources alone don’t take into consideration regionality, or job equivalence.  A HR Manager’s role and responsibilities will differ from company to company, so taking just job titles in consideration is not accurate.

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How we can support you

Through extensive research we can help you understand how your organisation compares to others when it comes to your salary and reward packages, as well as your Employee Value Proposition (EVP).   To be the employer of choice, clients have to be able to differentiate themselves from their competitors.  Benchmarking can take place in a number of ways.

Job Function Benchmarking

We collate data on remuneration and EVP packages across your competitor landscape and across other industries for specific job functions.  By understanding the role profile you are looking to benchmark we are able to make comparisons to equivalent jobs within a list of targeted businesses in your sector, or outside of it.

Regional Salary Benchmarking

In some disciplines there are regional differences to pay structures and understanding this can be difficult without sufficient insights.  You may be looking to set up a new site and need to understand the pay structures in the region, or it may be that you are experiencing issues with talent attraction and/or retention in certain location, in these situations a deep dive into regional differences will aid your strategies.